La Madelaine
Genova, Italy
February 2001




TANGOS BY CARUSO, is a musical show in which the pianist Carlos Caruso plays on TANGOS of diverse ages and styles, in personal versions with original arrangements.

His remarkable proposal rescues the original sound of the piano to develop the tango music.

During his performance, he talks with the people, remarking the characteristics of music, underlying its background and giving some interesting points about the musical works and their authors.

Some anecdotes have the deliberate humorist intention of giving the experience a pleasant, interesting and cheerful character.

When musical subjects are suitable, he promotes a dynamic audience's participation.

The spectacle, lasts two hours, can be displayed in different ways:

The spectacle was already offered in Argentina in all the forms pointed, in different places from Buenos Aires and Mar del Plata.

It has already been offered abroad in Frankfurt (Germany), Washington and Maryland (the U.S.A.), Bologna, Torino, Savigliano and Genova (Italy), Mantova, London, Budapest with a very good welcome and enthusiastic participation of the audience.