Carlos Caruso deliberately raises the musical aspect of the tango, its sound spirit, knowing and valuing other expressions, like poetry and dance with a particular and original choreography.

Tango is usually associated with the sound of the orchestra, the sounds of the violin and mainly of the bandoneon, has almost been transformed into the symbol of this musical genre.

The originality of Caruso's proposal consists in rescuing the pure sound of the piano like the method to develop the rhythmical, harmonic and melodic wealth that tango has.

When doing it, he also rescues an old tradition: the interpretations of tango in piano on its own. But he does it in a very singular way, " in his way ", joining resources of that called classic music and jazz.

Sometimes pulsing the keyboards in a percussive way, like in " milongas" and "candombes", to emphasize those inherited rhythms from the Afro Latin American musical tradition.

Caruso knows tango very well, he has listened to it from its childhood, has played it from his adolescence and later in the dance classes at the Theater Colon in Buenos Aires. This is what allows him to approach the tangos of different times and styles with talent, being respectful of his essence and interpreting its sense.

Thus, his music spreads from his keyboard the strength, the warmth, the nostalgia, the humor, the passion, the lyricism and all the emotive wealth expressed in the sounds of tango.

The versions offered are all original and the arrangements are of his own . He spreads out his musical possibilities with simplicity, without showing a technical or an academic performance.

His music is pleasant and his music and it leads to enjoy, to dance and to participate.